Thursday, March 24, 2016

Keep Your Eyes on Houston!

Hi all! Remember me, Nicole Cortichiato? Well if you don’t, I’m the Project Facilitator for the Opening Minds, Opening Doors program. What’s new, you ask? These glasses for one but I am getting used to them. I just wanted something a little more bold and with color, ya know? I think I’ve accomplished that. Yes, they are prescription.

Me and my brand new green glasses!
What else is new? Our second round of Houston classes!!! Eric and I have been Skyping into all of our OMOD classes in Houston, and we know you’ll be excited about our upcoming show on May 14th. I guarantee the stories will entertain you. But I can’t reveal all the details, so let me just give you a few appetizers before the main dish. Here’s a taste of what you can look forward to in our Houston showcase:

  • From Alisha's "Kemah Boardwalk" Story: The safety bar locks into place. I feel the pressure of the bar against me. My head fills with excitement. I can't wait for The Inverter to flip me upside down. I can feel the sun on my face as the ride starts to move. The ride goes upside down really fast! Then it flips me right side up again! Flipping and flipping like a pancake. 

  • From John's "Learning to Swim Again" Story: At first, I hesitated. I just froze, and smelled the chlorine, and listened to voices echo on the water. I thought: do I really want to go in there? I wasn’t sure I would remember how to swim. But I got into the special chair by the pool edge, and it lowered me into the water.

  • From Russell's "Chicken Suit" Story: I walked the streets, passing out coupons. And nobody knew it was me in the costume unless they saw me get dressed. And this one girl said, "Thank God they got someone else to wear that costume!"

The Houston speakers posing for a photo
after their first class showcase December 19th
Well that’s it. No more appetizers for you. Save room, my pretty’s. And be sure to join us at the Alley Theater in Houston on May 14th to hear the complete stories and mingle with our OMOD speakers. Perhaps you might even be encouraged to write one of you own. We certainly hope so! Stay tuned to our Facebook and website for more details!

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