Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sock Monkey Manger, Where Are You?

Back in November 2007 when I started to work for VSA Texas, I would take short walks down the block to check out the neighborhood. One time I stopped at a house on the corner facing the old AGE (Austin Groups for the Elderly) building where I work, and I looked and noticed a sock monkey manger scene. There were wise sock monkeys, wearing caps and capes, paying respects to a little sock monkey baby in a grassy manger. Mary and Joseph were there too, and a sock monkey angel was perched on top with a cap and wings. Lights were glittering all around the house and I went, "Wow, this is the coolest neighborhood!"

So every holiday season I walk a half block down to see what the owners have done for the holidays. It has always been a variation on sock monkeys - a little bizarre at times, but oh so creative. It always makes me smile and laugh.

Sock monkeys gather 'round the manger

But this year I don’t see a manger, just a shrine of sorts with some peoples' pictures on it, a large Spanish style Madonna on another piece of board, and an orange tree in full bloom, loaded with a plethora of oranges, and surrounded by prayer flags. It's very nice, but I miss my sock monkeys and all the lights that used to be down 37th Street.

Prayer flags hang over a garden bed,
and an orange tree stands in the background.
This year's shrine with assortment of photos,
Madonna, and prayer flags

I hope the video below captures a bit of the peacefulness this little house has always provided me on my little walks away from work. Last year I talked with one of the owner’s friends, who was out planting herbs, and told her how much I enjoyed the sock monkey manger, but she didn't tell me they wouldn’t be coming back this year. Where are you, my sock monkeys?

What are your favorite spots for holiday decorations? Share your stories in the comments section below!

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