Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Back in My Hometown of Houston

Hi VSA Texas friends! It’s your Artworks Director April Sullivan here, and I will be traveling to Houston this week to host the Artist Market at the annual Abilities Expo. This is one of my favorite events of the year because we get a chance to serve our Houston artists with disabilities on their home turf… and mine!

I was born in Houston and grew up there until I moved to Austin to go to UT. And you know how that goes – once you move to Austin, you stay! But I still really love Houston and the art scene there. So it is always a pleasure to travel back and visit the galleries and museums. But I will only have a little bit of time for that this week, as I will be spending most of my time at the NRG Center July 31-Aug 2 with six wonderful artists, showing and selling their work to a crowd of people, learning all about the latest and greatest in accessible vehicles, software, tools, and gadgets.

Visit the VSA Texas Artist Market at Booths 436 & 437

We have a great group of artists this year. Back with new work and prints of their all-time favorites are Grant Manier, teenage Eco-Artist, and Brian Dodd of Doddman Gallery. While their art is very different in style, these artists have a few things in common: both have autism and dedicated mothers who help them market their art.

"Night and Day" by Grant Manier  

"General Train Arms Jim" by Brian Dodd

Also joining us this year, after a short hiatus, is author Ron Hull. He will practically be giving his books away this year! So don’t miss his great works of science fiction and his newest work, an autobiography. All signed by Ron in person.

Two women artists, who debuted at the Abilities Expo last year, are back: Lesa Jackson and Una Lau. Lesa paints fun colorful images of peace and love. Una, however, will be selling unique wooden boxes and prints of her poetry paired with her brother’s photographs of Hawaii.

And new to the Artist Market this year is David Sulak from Louise, TX. His autism and OCD make it hard for him to travel, so he has entrusted me with his drawings and construction pieces. Prepare to be wowed by his simple yet detailed style (see below).

“Cars and Trucks” by David Sulak

To learn more about these artists, visit the Artist Market page on the Abilities Expo website here:

We look forward to seeing you at the Abilities Expo this year!

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