Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Painting a Picture with Audio Description

Lynn here!

Well, I have been asked to blog about our upcoming Introduction to the Art of Audio Description.  Personally, I find audio description sometimes to be very tedious, as I find my brain and eyes having to work more than I want them to!  But, audio description can be an incredibly impactful element to fully experiencing the arts for those who are visually impaired.  As Celia said once, "Blindness is about access to information. For those of us who are sighted, we see so much of the information that adds to a fuller understanding and experience of the world - and of the arts.”

I recall a story once told to me by Audley Blackburn, who is blind, about the film “Field of Dreams.” He said he had seen it about 3 times, but it wasn’t until someone audio described it for him that he realized the ending wasn’t sad as he thought it was.  You see- while he could hear the famous phrase, “build it and they will come,” he didn’t realize that cars were actually lined up coming during that final scene.  Without the audio description, he had just heard silence (giving the ending a vaguely darker feel). But in the end, it was a happy ending.  That’s what audio description is about.
The final scene in Field of Dreams
So... are you glib, quick, witty, or have a great vocabulary? Do you like theatre, dance, movies, or museums?  Then contact me (Lynn) at (512)-454-9912 or for information on our next audio description training.  Thanks for reading my first blog- let me know how I did in the comments below!

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