Thursday, July 27, 2017

Support Houston Artists with Disabilities

Although we are based in Austin, VSA Texas strives to serve the state of Texas as much as we can. The annual Houston Abilities Expo is one of those times we get a chance to showcase our Houston artists. And we have lots of talent in Houston!

The Expo is a great opportunity for people with disabilities to see the latest and greatest in wheelchairs, accessible vans, and assistive technology. It is also a place to learn about resources from across the state. What we bring to the event is an opportunity for people to learn about VSA Texas and to help artists with disabilities make a living off their artwork. You can be a direct participant in this by buying something creative and handmade by one of our Artist Market artisans.

"Buy Local Art" button

So if you plan to attend the event, consider bringing some extra money to purchase gift items such as keychains, t-shirts, or jewelry from Younique Abilities. Or if you are a reader, support Houston science fiction writer Ron Hull by buying one of his books. If you are a music lover, buy a CD from Eric Clow. And almost everyone I know has walls in their home. Don't leave them blank! Buy art to decorate them. We will have photographs by Drew Bedo, digital paintings by Megan Fry, drawings by David Sulak, and mixed media art by Dee Franklin. Oh, and I can't forget about the spoons! We have Cuddle Spoons in the Artist Market this year! What are Cuddle Spoons? Come find out at the Artist Market in the Abilities Expo. Read about all of the artists in the Artist Market here.

Windmill Drawing by David Sulak

The Abilities Expo is happening next Friday-Sunday, August 4-6 in Hall E of the NRG Center in Houston. It is a free event. You can register and find more details on the Abilities Expo website.

Abilities Expo Promo Photo shows a man in a walker holding his fist in the air triumphantly.

If you can't buy anything, come anyway and support our artists by looking at their art and hearing their stories. Some of our artists will also present a workshop at the Expo Friday at 11:45 AM. In their workshop entitled "The Art of a Hobby: How to Make the Creative World Accessible to You," artists Eric Clow, Drew Bedo, and Dee Franklin will share tips, tricks, and workarounds they used to make their arts accessible and encourage you to unlock your own creative passions.

We hope to see you at the Expo!

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