Thursday, May 26, 2016

Crockett High School New Media Arts

Hi blog readers! This is April letting you know what I have been up to lately. For most of this semester I have been visiting Crockett High School on many Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons to be a part of our New Media Arts Program there. For five years now, the wonderful Mrs. Jane Comer has invited us into her Life Skills classroom to teach New Media Arts classes that combine traditional arts and technology. This year, we had a powerhouse team of teaching artists including Johnny Villarreal of The Edge of Animation Station who brought in his portable stop motion animation studio. We had Jo Ann Santangelo teaching photography skills with photo assignments in the classroom and outside around the school. And we had Stephen Sprague teach the process of filmmaking from storyboarding to filming to editing. I came in to tie it all together with art lessons and everyone’s favorite: quizzes!
Co-teachers Johnny, Jo Ann, and Stephen
The group of 15 students did a great job in all aspects of this class, which they were graded on. The showcase this week was a big success with parents, friends, and administrators in attendance. They were impressed with the photos, storyboards, and artwork on display in the classroom.
Student photos
And in the library, the students led the presentation of their movie premiere with each student standing up and talking about what they learned. Their film was called “The Big Show in the Big Storm” and included a tornado, a talent show, a theft, and a capture. Animation was included in parts of the movie, and a short reel of the student’s animations was also shown. I am very proud of all of the Crockett Life Skills students who participated in this program. We look forward to doing it again next year!

If you want to see the movie, subscribe to our VSA Texas YouTube Channel here, and you will be notified when it is ready to watch online.
A sign welcoming guests to the movie premiere

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