Thursday, September 24, 2015

Video Tour of VSA Texas

Hi folks! Lynn here, Community Relations and Outreach person for VSA Texas. This video tour is just a little trip around the office to show you where we make all the magic happen.

I usually come in through the back door, but the main entrance is more scenic. Our offices are located in the AGE (Austin Groups for the Elderly) of Central Texas Building. There are around 18 nonprofits housed in this building at 3710 Cedar Street, right off of 38th and Guadalupe. You will glimpse the settings where we run our programs, talk, eat, and do our business throughout the day.

First, you will see the office I work in along with April Sullivan, our Artworks Director, and Jorge, a student from ACC’s RTF Department who is currently participating in an internship through VSA Texas and KOOP Radio.

The next office belongs to Celia Hughes, who you all know as our Executive Director. She wears the professorial hat and directs all of our programs. Sitting next to her is Jennifer, who keeps our checks in balance.

At the end of the hall is Room 101, which doubles as Eric Clow’s office and the center for many of our internships, workshops, meetings, and the newly established “Lunch Proper” (that’s right, folks, no more eating at the desk for us!) Eric is the Project Coordinator of the Opening Minds, Opening Doors (OMOD) program, and Nicole Cortichiato, sitting beside him, serves as OMOD’s Project Facilitator.

And finally, we have our mascot, “Sparky,” a stoic, wooden man sculpted by Keith Davis, our friend and artist who donated this man to join us in our home.

So now you have a glimpse into our sphere of creativity, in case you were ever wondering what VSA Texas looks like from the inside – and this is just for openers. Read our blog each week for a more in-depth look at our programs and services.

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